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G20 Cramp-O-Matic
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G20 Cramp-O-Matic
Grivel G20 CRAMP-O-MATIC Crampon

Modern ice climbing techniques, with their more fluid motion and elegant, faster style, demand a crampon that makes it possible — a technical crampon, and a super-light one. The G20 is efficient and the lightest available at less than 800 grams per pair. The new Mono-Rail technology exclusively by Grivel distributes 12 points in an intelligent and original way.


The Cramo-O-Matic binding is a well-known system that relies on a nylon speed lever in the rear and a stainless steel front bale to hold the boot. The stainless steel safety strap, which was invented by Grivel, is permanently mounted on the front bale and prevents total loss of the crampon should it be forced off the boot. 



 Weight  28 oz
 Front points  1
 Construction  Semi-rigid
 Material  Chromolly steel



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