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Trango SQUID
The Squid is a stick clip that does an elegant job of clipping out-of-reach bolts and allows you to unclip ‘biners from those same bolts. The Squid can pay for itself in recovered draws in just a few days, or load up your karma bank faster than you can help a little old man across the street.

"Fingers" at the end of the pivot-arm grab the gate and open it with a pull, letting you take the ‘biner out of the bolt. If the draw is already hanging, a clever set of arms will hold your rope so you can clip it into the draw. Be careful though; in some states you could be busted for possession of burglary tools.

The Squid will work with any standard paint pole. We recommend the 8-foot, 2-piece Mr. LongArm ProPole. The pole needs to be stiff; the Squid will not work with a tent pole.


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