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Aliens' Flexible Stems
Aliens' Flexible Stems
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Fixe Hardware
Fixe Hardware/CCH ALIEN Cams

If any piece of climbing gear carries a legendary tale, this is it. Background aside, though, these cams are all-time favorites for many, many climbers who've tried them for tight and shallow or funky placements. Gone for awhile, Fixe Hardware is proud to reintroduce them. CCH is now a Fixe brand, and all manufacturing is done in Spain. Each unit is tested and CE/UIAA certified. Aliens are being sold through Fixe and select shops only. (We at the WildyX are all grins here.) 


Cams are color-coded and weight includes the runner. The main cable construction is 5/32-inch, 7 x 19 stainless steel. Offsets also are availabe here.



Size Color Range Weight Strength
3/8 Blue 0.39-0.67 in
10-17 mm
68 g 11 kN
1/2 Green 0.53-0.86 in
13-22 mm
70 g 11 kN
3/4 Yellow 0.61-1 in
15-25 mm
80 g 11 kN
7/8 Grey 0.68-1.2 in
17-30 mm
82 g 12 kN
1 Red 0.78-1.3 in
20-33 mm
84 g 12 kN



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