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Peenuts Set (#1-5)
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Peenuts Set (#1-5)
DMM PEENUTS Nut Set (#1-5)

Sometimes placements are tricky. Different crags throw up shallow cracks, off-width cracks and old peg scars, all of which are hard to protect with conventional nuts. Peenuts offer an excellent alternative; they have a tapered profile allowing them to fit where a regular wire won't seat. This set includes units 1 through 5.



  • Hot forged to maximize strength and weight
  • Color coded in a size-for-size way with wallnuts (i.e. Silver size 3 Wallnut = Silver size 5 Peenut)
  • Label is positioned upside down so you can confirm the size more easily when the units are hanging on your harness
  • Elephants like them



Size Weight Strength Color
1 9.4 g 4 kN Red
2 9.4 g 5 kN Grey
3 10.1 g 5 kN Purple
4 16 g 8 kN Green
5 18 g 8 kN Silver



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