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Evolution Velocity 9.8mm Bicolor X 60M
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Evolution Velocity in Yellow
Evolution Velocity in Yellow
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Sterling Rope
Evolution Velocity 9.8mm Bicolor X 60M

Sterling Rope EVOLUTION VELOCITY 9.8mm X 60M Bi-Color Dry Rope

Just like the solid Velocity, this 9.8 mm rope has it all and as a result, is the most popular of the Evolution series. Just the right amount of stiffness, so your rope doesn't flop during critical clips and its silky smooth sheath withstands abrasion and slides effortlessly to reduce rope drag.

What makes Sterling's BiColor ropes unique and popular is the dramatic color change in the middle. Finding the center is easy, even in low light situations. These ropes have the same construction and award winning performance as their single color namesakes: Sterling's Dry Core and Dry Coat treatment to be sure your rope performs in every condition.

 Diameter  9.8 mm
 Type  Single
 Length  60 meters
 Dry Coating  Dry Core
 Impact Force  8.8 kN
 Static Elongation  8.6%
 Dynamic Elongation  26.4%
 Center Mark  No
 Bi-pattern  Yes
 No. UIAA Falls  6
 Weight  62 g/m




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