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Zipper Screamer
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Yates Gear
Zipper Screamer


Especially good for ice climbing, the Zipper Screamer can reduce peak loads by 4 to 8 kiloNewtons when used in the first few placements, but Screamers have multiple applications (the most important one being: Saves Your A**). 

Essentially energy absorbing devices, Screamers provide added protection in falls. They absorb energy directly because of the stitch-ripping effect, and allow your rope to absorb more energy from a fall by increasing the time of the fall (good for your bod, bad for your psyche). Bottom line: Screamers can reduce shock loading in any rescue system. 


 Activation  > 2 kN
 Reduction in System Peak Loading  4-8 kN
 Runner Strength  26 kN



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