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Crunch-It Canister Recycling Tool
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Crunch-It Canister Recycling Tool
JetBoil CRUNCH-IT Canister Recycling Tool

More fun than crushing beer cans! Enjoy canister cooking convenience without creating landfill waste, thanks to the CrunchIt canister recycling tool. Safe, fool-proof, and compliant with recycling standards, this little gadget punctures Jetboil Jetpower (and certain other) butane fuel canisters, rendering them recycling-bin ready and headed for re-melt and reformation. Please note that recycling rules vary, so check with local municipal or county waste facilities to ensure full compliance with regulations.



  • Lightweight, rugged stainless steel construction
  • Safely vents fuel prior to puncturing
  • Useful Jetboil toolkit with bottle opener and jet orifice wrench integrated into handle
  • Clips onto carabiner or key ring for convenience



 Weight  1 oz. / 28 g
 Dimensions  3 x 1.4 in



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